Tips for Choosing a Probate Lawyer in Philadelphia

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Are you searching for an experienced Probate Lawyer in Philadelphia? When it comes to selecting someone to deal with the important matters involved in the estate of a deceased loved one or family member, then you need to find someone who is suitable and sensitive to your needs. Below I will explore the top tips for choosing a probate lawyer. With over 1.5 Million people in the City alone, there is a selection of probate lawyers available for you to consider. However finding someone who is both experienced and compassionate can be a challenge, read on to understand my top 5 tips for choosing a probate lawyer:


1)     Research - It is important to learn what types of services a probate lawyer can offer you. You should aim to find someone that can offer both probate advice but also estate planning. By having a broader experience of estate law you can ensure the best experience. You should learn what areas of practice your probate lawyer specializes in such as dealings with complex wills and special needs trusts.


2)     References - Asking around friends and family to see if they have had dealings with a probate lawyer in Philadelphia can be a great help. Alternatively you may also ask the probate lawyer themselves if they have any testimonials or example cases for you to check over.


3)     Location - You don’t want to be driving too far to be having probate meetings and so it is important to choose a probate lawyer that has an office close to your home. Alternatively ask if the probate lawyer can visit you and the other family members if possible.


4)     Qualifications - Experience is more important than qualifications in probate law, however it is worth checking to see if your preferred probate lawyer has any qualifications. You can ask if the probate lawyer is up to date with the latest local probate laws and practices.


5)     Fee Policy - The benefits of using a probate lawyer are invaluable, however all lawyers have a standard fee structure in place. It is important to receive an up-to-date fee policy before you sign anything. You should aim to understand any costs and ask if an initial consultation fee would apply.


I hope that this guide has helped you to understand the importance of research when it comes to finding a probate lawyer in the Philadelphia area.