Two Decisions That May Cost Your Life If Charged With a Serious Crime

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When a person is charged with committing a crime, he will be confronted with making several important decisions. Two of these decisions involve hiring a lawyer and then choosing a jury trial or a bench trial.


Of course, anyone charged with a crime wants the best lawyer he can get. However, when he is charged with a serious crime that carries a life sentence or, even worse, the death penalty, he wants the best lawyer he can get, no matter how much he costs.


The lawyer’s competence is naturally of great concern, but of other concern is the price. Expensive attorneys charge a premium fee for a reason, which clients should be willing to pay for good reason.


A premium price enables lawyers to accomplish several objectives. Rather than merely taking on as many clients as possible in order to make a profit, a lawyer can focus on providing quality service that produces better results for his clients.


When your lawyer has sufficient time to concentrate on your case, it allows him to time to think “outside the box,” looking for innovative ways to defend you, which requires a great deal of time. So the fewer cases your lawyer handles, the more reason he will need to charge a premium fee.


By attempting to make money off of client volume a defense lawyer does his clients a disservice. It is illogical to think that an attorney can juggle hundreds of cases simultaneously and still give your case extraordinary service.


Therefore, do not let premium fees run you off. People who pay more usually receive excellent, personalized service. For instance, a lawyer who focuses on quality over quantity strives to give his client excellent customer service so that when you call the office, you can expect outstanding service from a dedicated staff.


Also, do not be fooled into believing you will receive quality service at a budget price. Hiring a criminal defense attorney at a budget price is risky, especially if you are charged with a serious crime that carries a life sentence or one punishable by death. Hiring the wrong lawyer could mean paying with your life.