How To Find a Good Lawyer Online.

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You’re in a bind and you need a lawyer. But where do you even start looking? Online, of course! But while you can find a lot of lawyers online, how do find a good lawyer this way?


Start by figuring out what kind of lawyer you need. While some lawyers may specialize in business law, that might not be too helpful if you need a divorce or were injured by someone else’s carelessness. You can always go to your favorite search engine and search for a lawyer that handles your type of case. Try entering “Lawyer (your type of case) (your state).” That will bring up a list of lawyers in your state that specialize in what you need.


Okay, so now you have a list. But how do you narrow it down? Randomly picking a lawyer from that list is no better than randomly picking one out of the phone book. Start narrowing the field by looking at the individual lawyers’ websites. Those sites will contain more information about their areas of expertise and their experience. Start looking for a few that fit your needs. Make sure you pick a few; don’t narrow your field to one lawyer just yet.


Once you have your short list of lawyers that seem to fit your needs, it’s time to check out what other people have to say. Their websites are their ads, and, of course, tell you all the positives. But you want to know what their clients think. You want to know their track record. You want to know them. Again with the help of your favorite search engine, search specifically for that lawyer or that law firm. See if anyone has posted a review.  See if your potential lawyer has been featured in an article or participated in a high-profile case.


When you are reading reviews, though, never place too much weight in any one review. Look for long-term trends. Are the majority of reviewers happy with their result? With any overly positive or overly negative review, be suspicious of the motives and the objectivity of that reviewer. You should also check the Bar Association webpage and see if your potential lawyer has been reprimanded for anything.


After you’ve done your online research, your short list should be very short. Now is the time to abandon the internet and start calling lawyers. Before you call, decide what you want to ask. Have a few specifics of your case ready so you can ask detailed questions and get a real feel for how this lawyer will handle your case. Once you’ve made some inquiries, you might only have one or two lawyers left on your list.


Before you hire one of them, you should make a point to meet them in person. It takes time, but in the end it could mean the difference between getting the lawyer that can best represent your interest and just getting a lawyer. Starting your search online is a great way to begin, but ending it online leaves out a vital part of the lawyer-client relationship: the relationship.

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