Why do you need an Estate Lawyer in Philadelphia to probate?

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I have found that a number of clients who found me on the Internet have tried to Probate Estates in Philadelphia and surrounding counties because they have tried to go through probate without the aid of a Estate Lawyer in Philadelphia but were unsuccessful. Probate in Philadelphia is relatively simple but there are problems lurking. If the decedent died with a Will that named an Executor you may have to find witnesses who watched the Decedent sign the Will. If they cannot be found and the Will is not self proving (the witnesses and Decedent signing the Will before a Notary) there are alternatives that an Estate Lawyer in Philadelphia will easily solve. If there is no Will the right to be appointed administrator passes to those who would inherit under the Pennsylvania Intestate laws. If that is the case the Register of Wills will require documentation in order to appoint an Administrator. If there is more than one person who would have the right to serve and they cannot agree the services of an Estate Lawyer in Philadelphia is crucial as the ultimate resolution will be the result of a hearing before an Assistant Register of Wills.

An Estate Lawyer in Philadelphia will make the probate process a simple procedure. Those who try to start an Estate without the services of an Estate Lawyer in Philadelphia can experience delays that result in the ultimate loss of benefits in the Estate administration process. Marketable securities may go down as, without the appointment of a fiduciary, securities cannot be sold and the prices may drop. Real Estate values may drop or the homes that are Estate property can deteriorate or worse, can be vandalized. Insurance on homes can lapse and the Decedent’s automobiles will not be insured if it is driven by anyone other than the appointed fiduciary. The services of an Estate Lawyer in Philadelphia can expedite this process, saving the Estate time and money.

If anyone who thinks that they can settle an Estate without the services of an Estate Lawyer in Philadelphia he or she will be fortunate to encounter problems at the very outset that require them to hire an Estate Lawyer in Philadelphia as the problems that will be encountered as administration continues can be far more damaging.

I have found that clients retaining me as a result of finding my website on the Internet are concerned about the fees of an Estate Lawyer in Philadelphia. As an Estate Lawyer in Philadelphia I offer my clients a choice of fees for the routine services required to settle the Estate. The flat fee is based upon a guidelines of either or both the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue of the Pennsylvania Attorney General. The fee goes down as the value of the gross Estate goes up. As the guidelines are based upon 1979 hourly rates they are very reasonable by 21st century standards. As an Estate Lawyer in Philadelphia you can retain me to settle an Estate knowing what my fee will be for routine services before we even start the probate procedure. The fee is 7% of the first $25,000 of the gross Estate. That means that 93% of the first $25,000 will be available to the beneficiaries of the Estate after the legal fees of an experienced Estate Lawyer in Philadelphia have been paid. The percentage drops to 6% and lower as the value of the Gross estate increases. I will also agree to an hourly fee based upon my billable rate if a client believes this will result in a lower fee. In addition the Estate Lawyer in Philadelphia will save the Estate more by settling some debts at a fraction of the claim, saving Inheritance taxes and Income taxes because of his knowing the interrelation of the tax laws and fulfilling all of the legal requirements of Estate administration. Once we have agreed to a fee that will be set unless there are unusual problems that require litigation or there are disputes among the beneficiaries.